Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Eazy score madness!

Well it seems like an eternity since I last did any blogging, when it has in fact only been been a few weeks!

Still I have been working on lots of different projects, namely a very special one for my hubby for our 21st wedding anniversary...but that is another story, and will post it later on nearer the time.

Anyway, here's just a couple of the things I've been doing.

I've had the Eazy Score Alphabet Templates for a while and not really done anything with them, so thought I'd have a little play! And, here's the end result! I also wanted an excuse to use these papers I've had in my craft stash too.

The whole thing, card and box were done using the Eazy Score Box Maker Board, I joined the card with some jump rings, not really sure why, just to be different I suppose, but it turned out better than I expected, and I'm quite pleased with the results.

Alas, the same cannot be said for this one....

first of all....I've made a mistake with the box.......the base is 'wedged' into the lid tighter than a tenner in a scotsman's wallet!!

Secondly....I maybe should've put the letters on straight.....that's what I get for trying to be different!.....Still I do ADORE those pretty papers....they are from and Anna Griffin pad that was a great bargain!

so all in all, I'm not best pleased with this one, still, we live and learn eh, the butterflies and flower embellishments are from the Eazy Score Board.

Anyway, thanks for looking in

Jackie x

Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New year!

To you sorry it's a tad late though. I've been caught by the dreaded flu bug! And, sadly. it floored us all!!!! We were ALL laid up with it over the holidays, and sadly my hubby ended up in bed on christmas day!

Cameron (my son) and I did manage to salvage the day somewhat, but we were really flagging by early evening.....still we did our best!

I'm only just begining to feel better now, but now have a horrendous cough and sound like the car on a very bad day! lol....(we have an old rickety diesel you see)

Anyway, I do hope christms and New Year were much better for you all, and hope you enjoyed your celebrations.

I just thought I'd post this to let you know why I've not been blogging much this past couple of weeks.

Still, when the schools go back on Tuesday, I can get down to trying out some new Ideas....looking forward to it too...

Take care everyone, and thanks for looking in...

Jackie x