Monday, 28 September 2009

My first big Crochet piece!

I've not long learned the very basics of crochet! I bought a book of 'blocks' and I'm so glad i did really, because all the blocks range from the very basic to the very complicated!

This is just a basic 'Granny Square' that just grew and grew! So absolutley nothing complicated about it! I'm really pleased with it becuase it goes with my new bedroom decor perfectly and it'll go on my computer chair to hide the humongous hole in the fabric!!

Thanks for looking in

Jackie x

I received my very first blog award at the weekend and would like thank Clare for passing it on.

The award comes with the conditions that I reveal five of my favourite things and then pass it on to five blogs that have inspired if your'e goes!

Five of my fave things:

1: Watching my teenage son compete in karate competitions! such a difficult thing to do and just so very brave! he's my hero! and he'll be mortified with me for saying that) lol.

2: Crafting of any kind!!

3: Reading! Books, magazines even store catalogues! Anything to get inspiration!

4: My cat!

5: Coffee! I drink waaaaay too much of the stuff!

And now for my five most inspiring blogs.






I hope you've enjoyed some of inspriational blogs and just having a wee peek into my slightly mad world!

Take care and thanks for looking in,

Jackie x

Saturday, 26 September 2009

I'm in need of some 'techy' help please......I'm trying ti figure out how to post links without having having to post the whole line address....if you get what I mean....any help would be appreciated...Thanks in advance

Jackie x

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Wedding card with a difference!

Again I must apologise for the lousy photography! Sadly the flas bleached out these picutres as well. David Bailey I'm not!!

This is a card for the karate couple I mentioned in my previous post! It's a bit different!

I used the Sizzix Bigz XL Cube die, and cut it out using White tapestry card.

All the embellishments are done using the Keepsake boards.

The Wedding bells are from the Bookatrix board, and I put them through the big shot using the Swirls cuttlebug folder.

The Scalloped heart is from the White Celebrations board, as is the horseshoe.

The top layer is done using the little hearts from the Eazi-Score scoreboard, and I added their initials to the hearts, I also used that handy little book stamp I was talking about in my previous post.

i finished things off with wome peel-offs and vairous other bits and pieces from my cradt stash.

I only hope they don't mind getting a slightly 'different' wedding 'card'.

Thanks for looking in,

Jackie x

Weddings Galore!

This is a commission for one of the 'karate' ladies, a couple who go to the karate are getting married next friday so this was kind of rushed as Tuesday is the only day we'll see them before the wedding, and there's no karare next friday so my son will be pleased....he can get a friday night in for a

Anyway, the flash really 'bleached' out this photo I'm afraid, as the base layer for the bookatrix is actually done with gorgeous white tapestry card, I have made heart embellishments from the keepsake 'tall stories' board using the little scalloped hearts and put their initials on.

The second page is done in a similar style this Time I used the White Celebrations boards wine glasses.

And the main page is again using the Celebrations board for the hearts, which I glittered using clear Stickles, and the 'book' is a rubber stamp that I've had in my stash for ages, and it has come in extrememley handy!

Sorry the picture doesn't really do this csrd justice.

Thanks for looking in,

Take care

Jackie x

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Chipboard pendant, charm bracelet and earring set.

First of all many apologies for the quality of the photograph! My flash refused to fire because of the lights on my craft units, and then then the light caught the paint effect on the heart so you can't really see the colours.

Anyway, This is a commissioned piece, and the brief was 'girly pink and lilac'.

I used some chipboard hearts that I've had in my stash for ages, painted it pale pink and then gently sponged the edges with lilac using Twinkling H2Os. I used Clear Stickles for the little heart, and finished off with some pearly doodles. Covered the holes with eyelets and then added a funky bead charm to the bottom of the heart, it's hung on a lilac cord.

The charm bracelet took a wee while as I made all the charms myself, they are just differnt types of glass beads in pink and lilac. The Earrings are again charms I made and hung from Earwires. Quite simple really, but I think I've achieved the 'brief'.

Thanks for looking in,

Take care

Jackie x

Alcohol inks!

As you can see I kind of got carried away with my Alcohol Inks! lol

I decided to give my trusty little heat gun a funky new make-over!

First of all I gave the whole thing a light sanding, then just went nuts with the inks, it's certainly different, and I wasn't really sure what results I would get.

Oh yes! And one other matches my newly decorated bedroom! lol

Thanks for looking in,

Jackie x

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

All out bling!!

Well this bracelet is really over the top! I originally made this as a christmas present for my niece but I loved it sooooo much that I kept it for myself!! lol.

Anyway, it's a realy fun and funky piece and I just love it! I've worn it a few times and it's always been admired.

Thanks for looking in,

Take care

Jackie x

Funky Jewellery

I've had the 'stuff' for these pieces for ages and never got round to doing anything with it. It's the first time I've worked with chain so wasn't really sure how it would turn out, so I'm really pleased with the end results!

Here's a close up of the detail....

This set is just for me!! As I adore the 'gunmetal' look, and the colour change beads and crystals really set it alight! I think it has a bit of a 'gothic' feel to it, maybe it's just the colours, anyway, Thanks for looking in.

Take care all,

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Chipboard 'waste' photo frame!

From this.......... this....

I've had these chipboard sheets of shapes for a while now so thought it was time I had a play. While I was looking through the sheets some of the shapes were falling out and i thought the sheets had some interesting shapes to play around with.

This is the end result and it happened purely by accident really, I had laid down the 'empty' sheet down on top of some photos I was having a look through....and ...well....the rest is history!

So I got to work playing around with some finishes so here's what I did.

First of all, I painted the whole empty sheet with the Blonde Moments Acrylic paint in Metallic Copper, then I alcohol inked over the top of that, I used my old faithful crackle background stamp to over stamp the whole thing. I quite like that look really, it seems ato add a wee bit of texture.

I then glued around three sides of the frame leaving the top open to be able to slot in the photograph, I painted some of the shapes in acrylic paint and stamped over the top of those with the crackle background stamp.Then glued them onto the spaces they came from slightly mismatching them to add a bit of interest.

Here are pictures of the detail...

I just attatched some ribbons with oversized paperclips and little mini bulldog clips for a bit of decoration.

So there you go....something a tad different for the living room!

Thanks for looking in,

Takce care

Jackie x

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

I've been having a play with some Altered Art style stamping, and I'm not sure if I was successful or not, but did have loads of fun playing!!

This Chipboard tag book was sprayed with Glimmer mists first then overstamped with various background stamps and then finished with the main images and embellished using various techniques and 'stuff' from my craft stash!!

The RED page: I stamped a text background in red to match the page, then over stamped that with some of Glenda Waterworth's Inspiration Words stamps, I then stamped and heat embossed the word "Art" with clear versamark ansd some holographic embossing powder, along with the little "square tile"
REVERSE side: This is basically done in the same way only I used Twinkling H20's to colour the hearts and used Glossy accents Glaze on the top heart to highlight it.

The YELLOW page: I stamped the word "dream" twice, then over stamped that with the lady image, again Using Glenda Waterworth's stamps, I highlighted her hair using clear Stickles glitter glue, I embellished using some gold square gems and sprayed a paper flower gold finished off with a gold brad.
REVERSE side: I stamped a lace background stamp, and from the same Dream themeplate over stamped with the elegant lady stamp, I stamped and heat embossed the word "Fashion" in Cosmic Gold embossing powder, I just stamped it again using the Archival ink pad in Black.

The DARK BLUE/LILAC page: I stamped the text background and then over stamped with the shoe design with the Archival ink, then I overstamped again this time using versamark clear, and heat embossed with the Adirondak Denim blue ambossing podwer.
REVERSE side: I used Glenda's theme plates again for the background, then used The Gibson Girls for the main image, I then 'smeared' over some glossy accents to highlight the image as it didn't really show up very well, I just finished off with some gems.

The BRIGHT BLUE page: I used some text background stamps and then stamped the butterfly onot some plain white card which was inked over, then cut it out and stuck it down using glossy accents, when it was dry, I embellished the butterfly with some clear stickles glitter glue and then used some liquid pearls to finish off.
The REVERSE side: I used Glenda's Butterfly themeplate again, stamped and smeared over the text, stamped the smaller butterflies, then I stamped the large butterfly with clear versamrk, heat embossed using holographic embossing powder.

The GREEN page: I stamped the Text Rose from Glenda Waterworth (again!) with green stazon, then coloured this using Derwent Inktense water colour pencils. You can still see the sheen of the Glimmer mists through the colouring which was a pleasant surprise.
The REVERSE side: Is done exactly the same as the other side only using a different orientation.

Whew!!!! I hope I've managed to make the instructions clear enough and you managed to understand some of my ramblings.

I haven't really done a lot of this style of stamping, but I must say doing little things like this is certainly good practice and I thoroughly enjoyed myslef!

Some of the pages didn't come out the way I envisaged they would, but that's the way it goes with this style, anything goes and it doesn't really matter.....well i don't think so

Thanks for taking the time out to read this looooong post today,

Take care everyone

Jackie xx