Monday, 6 October 2014

Just trying out some portrait painting...

This post has absolutely nothing at all to do with my college course but just 'stuff' I was trying out for the sake of just trying it. Kept my mind occupied through some pretty dark times. But, they were also 'seeing' excercises! The painting above is of David Draiman the lead singer with the band Disturbed! REALLY pleased with the way this turned out. The image below is the painting along with the reference photo....I really wish I could find out details of who actually took the photo so i can give them credit for it but sometimes it can be really difficult to get the proper details. So please accept my apologies for 'borrowing' your image but rest assured my painting of it is NOT for sale!

I traced down the outlines and then spent the day just painting !! I used a digital frame for the finished image as this is in my sketchbook!

This painting below is of Joe Anao'i or WWE Wrestling star Roman Reigns. I used the same process as above and just painted.

Once again apologies to the photographer for using their image...but again these paintings are not for sale and are just my personal experiments in my sketchbook.

And last but certainly not's one of my favourite footballer....Pablo Zabaleta who plays for Manxhester City Football Club.
Not very pleased with the background in this but hey, who's Pablo Zabaleta so that's all that matters!! ;)

As I said earlier, nothing to do with college just my personal 'stuff'.

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Jackie x

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Mixed Media Techniques board. posts are like the buses, wait for ages and then two come along at once lol.

Anyway I digress, the photos above are something we have been working on over the past two weeks in class. Techniques for mixed media. It was basically an excercise on not being scared! This was basically a 'go for it' piece. No theme , just playing with materials and effects.
Used lots of different things in this. Most of which i have used previously and some i haven't.
Plaster of Paris, hot glue, gummed tape, image transfer, sequin waste, torn paper, acrylic paint and lots and lots and lots of pva glue!!
The bottom image is the result from the second weeks work and it looks a lot better and has pulled together really well. Really pleased with the randomness of it and also the colours. Didn't actually realise i was working with a limited colour palette until it was pointed out to me.
Thoroughly enjoyed working on this and can't wait to get started work on the project using these techniques. Just hope I can follow the brief ok.

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Jackie x

Been way too long...

Well, well well, it has been WAY too long since I have blogged. I should be ashamed for neglecting my poor wee blog AND all my wonderful readers (that's if you still remember me)!
But I DO have an excuse....You see I have managed to get myself onto an HND Contemporary Art Practice course at college. It is a two year full time course so needless to say i just don't have the same time on my hands now. Started back in September and so far have been totally inundated with homework!! But it is all worth it really because it does help.
Lots of interesting 'stuff' going on but i won't bore you too much with all the details.
However I WILL post pictures of projects i will be working on and probably other 'stuff' that i have done in class, some of which i haven't tried before.
My next post will be about the mixed media class project we are currently working on so watch this space!!

Once again many apologies for my absence and thanks for dropping by

Take care

Jackie x