Thursday, 12 July 2012

A beautiful gift!

 On Monday I received a beautiful gift for my birthday from my lovely sister in law! She is an art teacher at high school and decided to get me a few arty bits because she knew I was going to college for Art and Design in August.

Now that little Journal is leather, embossed with a gorgeous big elephant on the front and is loaded full of hand made paper!

Sooooo....seeing as it has a very 'Indian' feel to it I decided to do these pages!

Handmade paper does NOT like water, so I covered the pages with Gesso and then inked them up with Dylusions spray inks, I just then drew some Mehndi designs on top!

Love the way these have turned out!

just a quick post tonight, not really got much to show just now anyway, still been a bit busy with appoinments and such likes!

Take care all , and thanks for dropping by

Jackie xx

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Worse than the buses lol....

Don't see anything for ages and then it all comes along at once!!!

My humble apologies for being such a bad blogger, I've just been so wrapped up in 'life stuff' at the moment. So much so that I haven't even taken part in any blog challenges for a couple of weeks.

So instead of inundating you with loads of posts, I'll just do one mega post, so get a comfy cushion and a cupppa and get ready for a 'novel' lol!!

Starting off way back on June 22nd, it was my 'wee boy's' 18th birthday!! I can't believe that he's 18 already!, just where has the time gone! Anyway, he didn't really want a huge fuss because he's saving for driving lessons so he wanted me to put the money I would have used for a party into the bank towards that, that was fine by me ! A pretty sensible idea! So, I just took him for a slap up meal at the local restaurant and then into the pub for a few beers! A few of his mates turned up so it ended up a good laugh. Got evidence too lol !!

Yes that was taken fairly early on....note the fact that there are no empty glasses!! Anyway....we didn't do too badly, and I did give them all fright when they thought that I couldn't handle the Jaeger Bombs!! lol!! I showed 'em good!! lol..

Right, that's enough of the birthday shenanigans......or not....had to go and get some 'stuff' dealt with the day after and guess what?.... yup! We kind of ended up doing the same again lol!! This time it was some of MY mates that turned up! And it was a complete hysterically fun and enjoyable day!! Thought we'd both be ill on Sunday but it was fine :D

The next couple of weeks were really taken up with lots of legal meetings, letter writing, form filling....blah blah blah, catch up tidy up stuff!

I DID however mange SOME crafting, mainly journalling so I'm going to show you what I've done with an explanation if I can.

I did these pages for a reason, just got sooooo fed up with being criticised all the time! Plus the fact that it gave me the chance to practise my drawing! The background was done using Dylusions Inks the rest is all hand drawn except for the phrase which was printed out on the computer.

These two pages are pretty self explanatory so I won't bore you with the details but I think you get the idea...

A wee while ago I joined a journalling group on Facebook, one of the ladies did a spread about her tattoo so I decided to do one of mine....was quite pleased with the way this turned out, I printed off the photos of my tattoos and then just drew the the other images myself. Not brilliant and I certainly won't make a  tattoo artist that's for sure but I do like these pages...

These next two pages I just finished off today and I am thrilled to bits with them, sooooo bright and colourful and they really make you smile!

Done using Dylusions Inks, and stencils, and the stamps are from Chocolate Baroque and are coloured using Inktense pencils. Just really enjoyed chilling out colouring in these flowers and butterflies! That big butterfly is just perfect for shrink plastic!!

While I was in the middle of those pages I received a lovely surprise from the postie! It was a present for me for my Birthday on Monday! Dammit she remembered! lol...... thought I could be sneaky and just let this one slip by!! lol.......... seriously was THE most STUNNING card and gift! So much so that I shed a tear or two!........Everything about this piece just screams "ME"!! without further ado, I'll quit with the waffling and leave you alone to look at the pictures of these exquisite pieces of art!!

A gorgeous card and matching envelope! The wording is from the classic Steppenwolf song "Born to be Wild"! Isn't that card just amazing?...........and here is the gift! I am totally blown away by this! It is absolutely gorgeous!!......

Just have a wee look and see what's above the 'door'! Now THAT was clever!'s the Bacardi Bat....and yep! you've guessed it! I drink Bacardi! Such a clever little touch that :D

And here is what was behind that door...........

..... a sweet little 'parcel' with some adorable crafty embellishments! Beautiful roses on  clothes pegs, loads of divine little buttons and charms, some crystal teardrops, lace, 'ruler' ribbon and loads more.

I am such a lucky girl to receive such a beautiful gift as this and I will treasure for years to come! It didn't half lift my spirits I can tell you. Not really had too much to smile about recently so this just made my day!

THANK YOU MY FRIEND .... It means a lot !

So on that note i will be off......I have waffled on waaaaaaay too long and your bums are bound to be getting numb! lol

Take care and thanks for dropping by

Jackie x