Saturday, 30 January 2010

Eclectic Charm Bracelet

I've been playing with my jewellery stash today and came up with this very eclectic charm bracelet! I do love this, just a mix and match of lots of different 'stuff' I had lying around in my jewellery making bag!

I had some spare fine black chain left over from another project, I wove it through the links of the bracelet and and then added some charms I'd made using head pins and some glass beads. I found a couple of charms that I'd bought yonks ago and couldn't think of what to do with, the Celtic knot and the Feather, I also used some 'japanese' coins for charms as well. The big charm in the middle is actually a 'twist off' beer bottle cap, I just put some seed beads and some gems in the bottom then 'filled' it with UTEE (ultra thick embossing enamel)melted the UTEE and Bob's your uncle! A funky charm for the bracelet!

It's a bit different, but then that's what I like.

Take care everyone and thanks for looking in.

Jackie x