Friday, 19 December 2008

Birthday Cube!

Here's another one of these cubes made with that enormous Big Shot die.

This one is for my mum for her Birthday. I've used Joanna Sheen's Fashion Boutique for this one, and I'm really pleased with it, it's turned out quite pretty.

I used the silk backing papers and also the paper to match the topper. The fan is the smallest fan and I picked that one because it matches the silk paper, I just stuck a feather behind it finish it off.

The little card and envelope is another Big Shot die, as are the petals for the 'big' flower' which is in fact the centre taken from the green Double Hearts die, just punched out four times and stuck together in the middle, I stuck some fancy ribbon behind it, and also finished with a satin rose for the centre.

Then there's THAT present stamp!! I stamped and heat embossed in white onto the silk backing paper and decoupaged the bow on top.

That's it.....quite simple really, and I think my mum will love it,

Thanks for looking in,

Jackie x

Thursday, 18 December 2008


This was made using a Sizzix XL die, and I must admit, I'm so glad I invested in it now.

All I did was roll this die through the Big Shot twice, decorated the sides and then stuck it together, not as complicated as it looks, these would make great gifts for people and I think it would look stunning done in Black and Pink for the 'funky teenage girls' or Black and White for the 'manky guys'

here's a photo I took using my 'sky' buttons as a guide to the size of the's massive!!!

Thanks for looking in

Jackie x

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Black and White Christmas

Well I thought I'd be a bit 'different' this year and do a Black and White Christmas!
I usually stick to the traditional stuff to 'stay safe', but I just went all out this time.

I've done SIX squashbooks in total! 3 black and 3 white, and these are the 'specials' for the family.

I've had that present stamp for yonks! And I must admit it's the most 'handiest' in my box at the moment! It can be used for any occassion and I daresay it would look really cool with the dots all glittered! It cost me all of £1. The backing papers are from a 12x12 scrapbook paper stack, and I think they give the whole thing a very 'Retro' look.

Thanks for looking in

Jackie x

Friday, 12 December 2008

Christmas pressie from my son!

Well my manky teenage son came home from high school with this lovely gift for me! He's been working on it for a few weeks in hospitality! It's a proper christmas cake, complete with booze too! all be it the non-alcoholic variety! Can't wait to tuck into it now, but I'm saving it for christmas day!

I must admit I did feel very special, he gave me a big hug too.......but shhhh! 'manky teenagers' are not supposed to do things like that!

Just thought I'd share it with you, cos I can't bake to save my life!

Thanks for looking in

Jackie x

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Shoebox surprise!

Top of box

inside view number 1

inside view number 2

This was a special commission for one of the 'karate mums'. it was her dad's 60th Birthday and she wanted something special, trouble was the bloke isn't really 'into' anything, so a challenge was set. He is a retired Police Officer, so I thought I'd go down that route, but alas I couldn't get any decent Police images, so, I had to think of something else. Anyway, I remembered the story she told me about her dad always wanting a Mercedes car, and when he retired he finally got his wish! So I had a word with Mr Google and came up with these very flash Mercedes sports cars. I added a few other 'manly' bits and pieces, the Beer Mug, Cheers, Dad and Shirt are all sizzix dies along with the 'man flowers'. The ' Just for You' greeting is a rubber stamp. I just did the whole thing in Black, Grey and white, some very safe man colours those1 lol....

When I presented her with the box on Friday at karate she was overwhelmed, she absolutely loved it. So I'm dead chuffed!

Thanks for looking in,

Jackie x