Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Shoebox surprise!

Top of box

inside view number 1

inside view number 2

This was a special commission for one of the 'karate mums'. it was her dad's 60th Birthday and she wanted something special, trouble was the bloke isn't really 'into' anything, so a challenge was set. He is a retired Police Officer, so I thought I'd go down that route, but alas I couldn't get any decent Police images, so, I had to think of something else. Anyway, I remembered the story she told me about her dad always wanting a Mercedes car, and when he retired he finally got his wish! So I had a word with Mr Google and came up with these very flash Mercedes sports cars. I added a few other 'manly' bits and pieces, the Beer Mug, Cheers, Dad and Shirt are all sizzix dies along with the 'man flowers'. The ' Just for You' greeting is a rubber stamp. I just did the whole thing in Black, Grey and white, some very safe man colours those1 lol....

When I presented her with the box on Friday at karate she was overwhelmed, she absolutely loved it. So I'm dead chuffed!

Thanks for looking in,

Jackie x

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