Tuesday, 24 March 2009

A 'name' wall hanging.

First of all I must apologise for the poor quality of the photos, as the sun was shining brightly my camera flash decided that it was bright enough and just wouldn't fire, even when I did set it to go off, the picures were just too bright!

Anyway I digress. I made this piece for my friend's little girl, I have been looking for an excuse to use up some of my paper stash and this was the very thing. I used the Eazi-Score alphabets large lowercase templates for the letters, drew around them, cut them out, chalked the edges slightly to 'define' the letters, then mounted them onto some matching paper and card, I joined them together using jumprings. finished it off with some fun wooden shapes and some satin ribbon.
Then made a box and embellished it with the girls initial and some pretty paper flowers.

My friend was thrilled with it and so was her little girl.

Thanks for looking in

Jackie x

Monday, 23 March 2009

proud mum moment...

Well I can think of better ways to spend Mothers Day, but hey ho needs must.

Cameron had a karate competition yesterday so that's how I spent my day. Watching my son fight! Still, he fought the best fights I've seen him fight for a long long time, and even managed to get through to the second round of his category, now that was brilliant considering the category he landed in, European champions, Scottish champions and the likes, so it was kind of scary for him.

I was so so proud of him yesterday because he was scared witless and really nervous, but he fought through it and did really well.

I just couldn't resisit buying this 'Action shot' of him, as I don't have one like at all, so me being me, I put it in a frame and it now has pride of place on my livingroom wall for all to see.

Thank you for sharing my little self indulgence.

Jackie x

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Very simple Ruby Wedding Anniversary card.

Now I really struggled for ideas for this card.

I know the couple it's for, and sadly they have just lost a family member to cancer, so the customer thought it would be best to do something simple. It was quite hard really, because it is a milestone anniversary and should be celebrated, but how can you feel like celebrating when something like that happens.

Still I think I've done a fairly decent job, and got it just right.

I used Joanna Sheen's Floral Fantasy cd rom for this card, as I just ADORE those roses on there, which were printed off on glossy photo paper, then mounted onto some red mirri card which I then textured using the Big Shot embossing plates. I also used some of that gorgeous White tapestry card for the main body of the card.

I'm pleased with the results and hope the customer will be too.

Thanks for looking in

Jackie x

Black and White cat exploding box

This is a commission for one of my 'karate mums'. It's for her step-mother's Birthday, I made one for her dad at the end of last year, although it was the shoebox style.

The brief?......"she likes cats....oh wait a minute!....can you do me a box like you did for my dad?.....he adored that!....now they can have a matching pair"

Consider it done!

I used Wendie Rhodes Exploding box templates for this box, the Black and White scrapbook paper stack and The little Claire's big square cats stamp. This box came toghether much more quickly than the shoebox one, but that's probably because I had a fairly good idea as to what I was going to do. I think she's going to like this one, and hope this time that she doesn't cry!

Thanks for looking in

Jackie x

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

My 'Furry' Buddie!


Digital Scrapbooking


Well here I am, back to the land of reality! Got back from my weekend trip to Birmingham and the NEC, round about 5 ish on sunday night.

I had a wonderful time and even managed to make some new friends as well as meeting some old ones!

I spent waaaaaay too much money on crafting stash, but hey, what's a girl supposed to do with all that gorgeous stuff just begging to be bought.

Anyway, I blew most of my days budget in ten minutes!!!

I bought the Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist pack, and boy am I glad I did! It's fantastic! I'm absolutley hopless when it comes to graphics packages, but this one is just sooooooo easy to use.

You can see my first attempts at the top of the page (Click on the images for a complete view). I must apologise for the pictures though, I had them stored on my main computer so had to send them to my blog through photobucket, because I'm using my laptop to write this just now.

I had a lovely weekend, I meet up with Joanna Sheen and spent more money at her stand, bought some of the cute Messy Rabbit stamps and the cd rom, as well as a 'few' boxes of Flora Doodles.

Also met up with 'Eazi-score' Phyllis and spent some money at her stand as well, bought her new book on the Eazi- score box maker board and a cd rom as well.!

Whew! Hard work this spending malarky!

Anyways, I'm well and truly broke for a while, so there will be no more crafty stuff for me for a while.....must start saving now!

Thanks for listening to my 'rambles'

Take care all

Jackie x