Monday, 23 March 2009

proud mum moment...

Well I can think of better ways to spend Mothers Day, but hey ho needs must.

Cameron had a karate competition yesterday so that's how I spent my day. Watching my son fight! Still, he fought the best fights I've seen him fight for a long long time, and even managed to get through to the second round of his category, now that was brilliant considering the category he landed in, European champions, Scottish champions and the likes, so it was kind of scary for him.

I was so so proud of him yesterday because he was scared witless and really nervous, but he fought through it and did really well.

I just couldn't resisit buying this 'Action shot' of him, as I don't have one like at all, so me being me, I put it in a frame and it now has pride of place on my livingroom wall for all to see.

Thank you for sharing my little self indulgence.

Jackie x

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