Sunday, 25 September 2011

Simple knotted cord pendants

I made these simple glass bead pendants a couple of weekends ago, They are very quick and easy to do .

Just some waxed cord, Glass pendants and some matching glass beads, I tied knots in the cords to keep the beads in place!

It's THAT simple! :D

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Jackie x

Reconstructed tee shirts!

 From THIS plain men's XL tee shirt........

 To THIS !! .... All very girlie and it WASN'T rocket science either!!

I was finding it increasingly difficult and expensive to source 'girlie' band merchandise and was getting a wee bit fed up having to send to America for some decent quality items, and then again they were items that people had altered so I thought I'd have a bash at some myself! Now I know these won't be to every one's taste but as I'm skint and don't have a lot of money to spend I thought I'd use a couple of tees that I had lying around, they were a 'wrong size' order that I was going to try and sell on.

Soooo.... I cut off the sleeves and neckband, added some black lace to the neckline and used black velvet ribbon with gold 'D' rings for the straps. I structured the sides slightly to give it some 'curves'! I am REALLY pleased with the results for this top!

Here is a close up of the neckline and straps!

Now that I have done one the others won't be quite so bad as I now know what NOT to do!!

Another bog standard men's XL tee ...

This time it's a NO SEW project! That's right, not a stitch was sewn in making this! It's VERY different and funky and not for everyone! (But it DOES look MUCH better worn than in this photo)!!

Again I cut off the sleeves and neckband, made horizontal slashes about an inch apart down the sides of the tee, snipped the joins, stretched the fringes and then tied them all together. i just the same with the shoulders! It sits and fits more like a tunic than a tee shirt, and i love it to bits!

I think these projects are a great way to revamp your wardrobe. They can be done with old tees or even tees that have been bought from charity/thrift shops!

And this last project was just me playing around with what was left!!!

I made a 'scarf' from the sleeves!! lol.....I just cut the joins of the sleeves, then joined all four together to form one long strip. i let the hems on the sleeves because I used that as a guide for the fringing! It's NOT going to keep you very warm in the winter but it certainly is a bit fun and funky.

I did have fun trying out these projects and you can be guaranteed that I'll be doing some more in the very near future!

Thanks for looking in, Take care