Friday, 16 November 2012

Art Postcards.

In 'Contextual Studies' for Art we are working on 'timelines and movements'!

The brief was to do six art postcards on each movement of our choice but putting our own take on things! I have completed five and will work on the final one tomorrow, (getting really sore from sitting too long just now)

Anyway here's what I've completed so far

CUBISM _ 1907 - 1919

And it's a 'painting' of my lava lamp!! And it's loosely based on Pablo Picasso ... (I think) lol

FAUVISM - 1904 - 1908

And this one is done in the Style of Henri Matisse



Surrealism - 1920 -1930

This is just one of my own pieces. I just had a little play with some Dylusions, and some of my favourite rubber stamps along with a label printer and came up with this....Not sure how "surreal" it appears to everybody else but boy do I love those colours!!! The phrase is actually the lyrics from the Enigma song Prism of Life in case you were wondering.


Now I could have went the easy road and did something to do with Andy Warhol....but I didn't.... I had a little look at Robert Rauschenberg's work and I love it!! So this piece is very loosely based on his work....despite the fact that Tim Holtz and The Artistic Stamper are in there as well....So I just collaged some of Tim's papers and used some of the Artistic Stamper's steam punk stamps!


A VERY simple piece ! I just drew round the circles in the  Dylusions "Chequered Dots" stencil and coloured them using a black fine liner! Simple but effective and it's again loosely based on Frank Stella's work.

So there you have it.... been a busy few days and I still have some more stuff to catch up on but I'll manage. I will post the German Expressionism one when I have that completed. And, that I'm afraid will NOT be tonight! It's Friday and I NEED to relax a little! Hopefully!  Wouldn't mind a nice little Bacardi or two but alas, the big nasty painkillers I'm on will NOT allow! *sighs*

So take care everyone and thanks for dropping by.

Have a great weekend

Jackie x

Alternative self portrait .... pt II

Hello everyone, I finally managed to get the other pieces for my Alternative Self Portrait. This is a project for Analytical drawing in Art and Design at college.....if you look at the previous post you will see the other three pieces I've completed.

This piece is done in Charcoal and Gouache paint and is a piece about my favourite boots, jacket and perfume!

And the final piece is a painting in Gouche of my Chinese Therapy Balls and basically signifies my liking of the 'different'!.

I was really quite daunted to start this piece because there was so much detail in it but once I got going it wasn't as bad as I thought. I did cheat when it came to the balls though....I used a bottle of nail polish remover to draw around to get good circles! lol... REALLY pleased with the way it's turned out though!

I THINK I've achieved the aim but won't really know how well untill I get back to College and hopefully that will be on Monday! Still feeling very sore and miserable with this sciatica though, but I NEED to go back. I just can't take any more time off.

I have some more pieces ready to be 'blogged' for another project I'm working on in a different class so watch this space....


Jackie x

Thursday, 8 November 2012

An Alternative self Portrait.

Well it's been a wee while since I last blogged anything and to be honest I just haven't had the time. Just been busy catching up and studying.

I haven't been to college for a week and I'm off again next week thank to 'unforseen circumstances'! OR if you prefer....a rather nasty recurrence of Sciatica, and, by way of trying NOT to hurt it even more when packing my bag for college last week I ended up pulling a muscle in my back! Ouch was NOT the word I used lol!! But it'll do for now....Soooo after a doctor's appointment, and some seriously strong painkillers I now find myself ever so slightly 'floating' all over the place!

Anyway.... enough of this rambling.... In our analytical drawing class we were issued with a brief to do five finely finished detailed pieces on one subject of our choice. I decided to go for an Alternative Self Portrait, thought it would be fun, and something a little bit different.

So below I've posted photos of the three pieces I've done so far..... Hoping to get the other two finished this weekend if I can sit still long enough!!

This first piece represents my favourite band! Yep! As if you all didn't guess already lol.... It's Iron Maiden !! So i decided to draw my 'hoodie' using pastels! I just part of it but I'm really pleased with the end result!

This one represents one of my hobbies.... knitting and crochet, done in watercolours and detailed with a fine liner uni pin pen.

And last one for now is just something that represent me and what i like.... just some art/craft materials painted using acrylics! REALLY pleased with this as I've never painted a 'proper' complete picture before!

So there you have it.... sorry I can't stay for a bit longer but it hurts too much to sit for too long. So I'll say Cheerio for now,

Take care everyone and thanks for dropping by,

Jackie x