Thursday, 8 November 2012

An Alternative self Portrait.

Well it's been a wee while since I last blogged anything and to be honest I just haven't had the time. Just been busy catching up and studying.

I haven't been to college for a week and I'm off again next week thank to 'unforseen circumstances'! OR if you prefer....a rather nasty recurrence of Sciatica, and, by way of trying NOT to hurt it even more when packing my bag for college last week I ended up pulling a muscle in my back! Ouch was NOT the word I used lol!! But it'll do for now....Soooo after a doctor's appointment, and some seriously strong painkillers I now find myself ever so slightly 'floating' all over the place!

Anyway.... enough of this rambling.... In our analytical drawing class we were issued with a brief to do five finely finished detailed pieces on one subject of our choice. I decided to go for an Alternative Self Portrait, thought it would be fun, and something a little bit different.

So below I've posted photos of the three pieces I've done so far..... Hoping to get the other two finished this weekend if I can sit still long enough!!

This first piece represents my favourite band! Yep! As if you all didn't guess already lol.... It's Iron Maiden !! So i decided to draw my 'hoodie' using pastels! I just part of it but I'm really pleased with the end result!

This one represents one of my hobbies.... knitting and crochet, done in watercolours and detailed with a fine liner uni pin pen.

And last one for now is just something that represent me and what i like.... just some art/craft materials painted using acrylics! REALLY pleased with this as I've never painted a 'proper' complete picture before!

So there you have it.... sorry I can't stay for a bit longer but it hurts too much to sit for too long. So I'll say Cheerio for now,

Take care everyone and thanks for dropping by,

Jackie x

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thecraftycavalier said...

Sorry to hear you're in so much pain! Sciatica is just such a hideous type of pain and I know that floaty painkillers make you feel really odd! Sending gentle hugs and hope that you are feeling better really soon. Hugs, Jayne x