Saturday, 4 October 2014

Been way too long...

Well, well well, it has been WAY too long since I have blogged. I should be ashamed for neglecting my poor wee blog AND all my wonderful readers (that's if you still remember me)!
But I DO have an excuse....You see I have managed to get myself onto an HND Contemporary Art Practice course at college. It is a two year full time course so needless to say i just don't have the same time on my hands now. Started back in September and so far have been totally inundated with homework!! But it is all worth it really because it does help.
Lots of interesting 'stuff' going on but i won't bore you too much with all the details.
However I WILL post pictures of projects i will be working on and probably other 'stuff' that i have done in class, some of which i haven't tried before.
My next post will be about the mixed media class project we are currently working on so watch this space!!

Once again many apologies for my absence and thanks for dropping by

Take care

Jackie x

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