Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Lizard King !

My quirky side kicked in for piece and I love it!! Very different and just plain fun!

This was done in a one inch deep box frame. First of all I randomly brushed over the background using Pèbèo Studio acrylics . Then painted the frame in black. Set it aside to dry while I gilded the little toy rubber lizard. Isn't he just cute!.I then painted in some black triangles around the inside edge of the box. I used the gilding outliner paste to draw zig zag lines down the sides of the frame and once that had dried I then used foil sheets to gild the lines. I painted the feet of the lizard and used it as a 'stamp' to give the footprints. The quote is done on  two ice-lolly sticks which were painted in the same colours as the background. Stuck everything down and let it dry.
I then used the Pèbèo Crystal resin and mixed up enough to embed everything in resin.
A REALLY fun and quirky piece which has slight 'Tribal' feel to it. Really had fun with this and just let my quirky side come out on this one.

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