Thursday, 3 September 2009

Chipboard 'waste' photo frame!

From this.......... this....

I've had these chipboard sheets of shapes for a while now so thought it was time I had a play. While I was looking through the sheets some of the shapes were falling out and i thought the sheets had some interesting shapes to play around with.

This is the end result and it happened purely by accident really, I had laid down the 'empty' sheet down on top of some photos I was having a look through....and ...well....the rest is history!

So I got to work playing around with some finishes so here's what I did.

First of all, I painted the whole empty sheet with the Blonde Moments Acrylic paint in Metallic Copper, then I alcohol inked over the top of that, I used my old faithful crackle background stamp to over stamp the whole thing. I quite like that look really, it seems ato add a wee bit of texture.

I then glued around three sides of the frame leaving the top open to be able to slot in the photograph, I painted some of the shapes in acrylic paint and stamped over the top of those with the crackle background stamp.Then glued them onto the spaces they came from slightly mismatching them to add a bit of interest.

Here are pictures of the detail...

I just attatched some ribbons with oversized paperclips and little mini bulldog clips for a bit of decoration.

So there you go....something a tad different for the living room!

Thanks for looking in,

Takce care

Jackie x

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