Monday, 28 September 2009

I received my very first blog award at the weekend and would like thank Clare for passing it on.

The award comes with the conditions that I reveal five of my favourite things and then pass it on to five blogs that have inspired if your'e goes!

Five of my fave things:

1: Watching my teenage son compete in karate competitions! such a difficult thing to do and just so very brave! he's my hero! and he'll be mortified with me for saying that) lol.

2: Crafting of any kind!!

3: Reading! Books, magazines even store catalogues! Anything to get inspiration!

4: My cat!

5: Coffee! I drink waaaaay too much of the stuff!

And now for my five most inspiring blogs.






I hope you've enjoyed some of inspriational blogs and just having a wee peek into my slightly mad world!

Take care and thanks for looking in,

Jackie x

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~ Ali ~ said...

Aw thank you Jackie.