Friday, 3 June 2011

My project for furniture crafts!!

A very VERY different re-upholstered footstool!

This course was just a basic introduction to Furniture Crafts and just gave us an insight into what the cousre entails! I adored this class and have signed up to go back after the summer.

We already had the frame so the brief was to re-upholster it using traditional techniqes! We were left alone to chose the fabric for finishing ourselves so I just went with the 'old tee shirt' thing!

I painted the frame with black metallic paint, cannibalised an Iron Maiden tee shirt and just added some funky black lace and silver upholstery studs to finish!

The lecturer really loved this piece! thought it was very 'me' and quite unique!
And I'm going to agree with him! I'm REALLY pleased with it myself! It was very satisfying to finally see it all finished and stand back at the end of it all and say " I did that"! :D

Thanks for looking, take care all

Jackie x

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