Thursday, 10 April 2014

oh dear....

Wow!! Can't believe it has been THAT long since I last blogged!! A whole six months!! Oh my....many many apologies for neglecting you all and being such a bad blogger.

I guess sometimes life stuff just gets in the way. Been struggling with such stuff over these last six months so not really felt too much like blogging to be honest.

Anyway, thought I'd better show face and maybe post a picture or two of things I have tried to work on.
The above piece is a 20x16 mixed media collage on canvas done using lots of diffèrent techniques and various odds and sods I had lying around in my stash along with some lovely images which were cut from an old magazine.
Don't normally go with these colours but just thought they matched the big photo perfectly.

Thanks for dropping by and once again many apologies for being AWOL. Hopefully it won't be THAT long before I blog again!

Take care
Jackie x


Anthony Nigro said...

Very nice!

Jacqueline said...

Thank you Anthony, very much appreciated :)