Monday, 8 June 2015

college project.

This was based on the brief " Identity " and I chose to do a 3D art journal type installation based on my private journal while suffering from depression.

I made the boxes from plywood (with the help of the workshop technician) and all the objects are mostly found objects or upcyled from stuff I had lying around.
 The painted boxes. Wanted a distressed look to these.

 "Page 1 "  Just a simple dark painting. I really struggled with anything creative during this time so tried to recreate that in the painting.

 "Page 2 " The meds. The mini pills are Tic-Tac sweets!

 "Page 3 " . This page is trying to explain my fear of leaving the house and meeting anyone let alone attending Therapy sessions.

"Page 4 " Showing how Art was my Therapy and helped me through. Some old paintbrushes and tubes and a little mini sketchbook.

"Page 5 " A general decluttering of my thoughts and trying not to worry about the thinks I couldn't  control.
The hand belongs to my son and the bucket is a plastic picnic beaker sawn in half.

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