Sunday, 12 June 2016

At last! A little more time on my hands...... start blogging again! It has been SO long and Ihave missed you all.

I have at last finished the college course I was on. Two years hard study on HND Contemporary Art Practice! Been a really hard slog at times and was inundated with work so didn't have much time for anything else.

But now it's finished I have loads of time on my hands so the first chore will be redecorating my home starting with the livingroom!

Anyhow. I digress.... I am posting photos of a couple of art  projects which went into the End of Term exhibition. Now these are very different to what I normally do but they encourage to be different in Contemporary Art. So the first photo is one of my favorite projects out f the whole two years study!

This was an 'Environmental' project and is entitled  "A walk in the woods". Made from wood found while on a walk in the woods. This was based on Anxiety and depression. While suffering badly from depression I couldn't face going out but when I DID I suffered anxiety attacks. The chair represents my 'comfort zone' The piles of stones are contained in little cages (Gabion Baskets) and represent the worries and stresses of the anxiety disorder. The back of the chair is from a piece of wood that splintered off a fallen tree (just loved the shape of it), The seat is from a fence post that was lying around and the legs and supports are from a really old gnarled branch!

This project is my all time favourite and I adore it!  It will take pride of place in my garden when I get it home as it is still on college. The exhibition finished on Friday 10th June and I couldn't get transport to bring it home. The college has agreed to keep it for another couple of weeks so I will post pictures when it's in situ at home !

The piece above is my latest and last project. This is a plaster cast and called " Baa Baa Black Sheep" , based on "Handed Down Truths" i.e. Nursery Rhymes. Basically it is a simplified abstract of tangled wool. I have the process of this project photographed and can post them if anyone is interested on how it was all done.

I am now looking forward to some serious 'me' time  and catching up on things I have missed as well as giving my home some much needed TLC.

Thank you for popping by
Take care
Jackie x

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