Sunday, 6 August 2017

'Lost' ......

Yet more mixed media .... I'm on a roll here!!
This project was totally fascinating as it started off as an experimental piece. It was an old 'painting' (a not very good one lol) which I painted over with white gesso. I decided on some collage background which consisted of some thin card that had been embossed on my big shot for another project and again unused. Tore them up and stuck them down randomly. I wanted to make the texture a bit more interesting so raided the recycling bin and found some netting that had previously contained satsumas!!

Because it was coated and bright orange I smothered it in gesso as it would give it a good Base to colour later......and this is where I got a bit 'stuck' and 'Lost' with what I was going to do next!!
So, went off and had a coffee and a good think!
It was then I remembered I had bought the Seth Apter Spellbinders 'Broken Maze' die a few weeks before and thought it fitted well with the getting lost part. So cut that out on the big shot using an off cut of card that I had been spraying and distressing other embellishments.....was a great colour and lots of random 'stuff' on there!!

One side of the canvas seemed a little bare so I added some lace to give it a bit more texture. Because of the different textures they all took on the colour differently when sprayed so this whole took a completely different direction colour wise! I wasn't  sure about the colour to start with but thought I'd leave alone to see what happened when I added the smaller embellishments of buttons and generally stuff that gets lost.

I decided it needed a bit more blending and then used the Cosmic Shimmer antique wax just to finish it off.
This project took me on a bit of a journey but I was an interesting one and at least I didn't need to 'fight' with it to get it to work! Loved the learning process in this piece and SO wish all my projects were like this.

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Sara Barker said...

Fabulous canvas and a good read, too! Congratulations on being featured on Seth's Blog today!

C├ęcile said...

As Sarah Barker said :)