Monday, 13 July 2009

Digital Scrapbook Artist...a special friend

I made this page for a very special friend of mine, he has been so kind and sweet to me over the past few weeks by being my shoulder to cry on. Basically it is just a small Thank You gift.

The re-decoration and organisation of my craftroom/bedroom is coming along nicely, but I had to stop for a while yesterday as I have units that need fitting, and there just isn't enough room for more bodies, so while they were getting 'sorted', I ended up playing with the Digital Scrapbook Artist, seeing as all my 'hands on' stuff is still packed away in boxes! eek! I do so adore this's just so so simple to use and boy am I glad I spent the £80 on it! Worth every penny!

Thank you all for popping by and reading my little rambles....I am hoping to get photos of the finished room posted this space!!!

Take care all

Jackie x

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