Wednesday, 29 July 2009

My shiny new craft/bedroom....

Well it's been ages in the making but here it is at last!!!

Taaaa Daaaa.........

My shiny new craft space!! YAY I can finally get organised! So much better than this don't you think.....just click on the pictures for a btter look....

Anyway what I did?....well, the black units are kitchen units from Ikea, as is the metal pole, the cutlery 'beakers' and the spice rack! I just adapted them to suit...The counter top was from the kitchen I had in this house when I moved here so before the guys fitted my present kitchen i just asked them not to chuck it away and recycled it. I have so much more space for all the bigger stuff I have, i.e. my big shot, bind it all, and the dream kuts machines as well as more storage place for my stamp folders, I'm really pleased with the end result of this as I just wasn't sure if it would look really 'kitchen' like. So there you go...just because they are kitchen units doesn't mean they need to be used in the kitchen! lol.!

I still have a few bits and pieces to finish off, but will need to wait until my friend has some spare time at the weekend, I've still got the handles to put on the units and don't want to risk doing that myself as I have to drill holes and knowing me I'll probably get it sooo wrong!

Oh yes, and I forgot to mention, incase anyone is interest the Wall paper is a gorgeous Charles Rennie Macintosh Rose, I struggled with a paint to match but was really lucky to spot that green, you would actually think it was made to match the paper! I'm not usually a 'green' person, but was pleased with the result.

Thank you for dropping by,

Take care everyone and I hope to get back tocrafting soon,

Jackie x

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Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Your crafting space is looking fabulous. It must be so nice to get it sorted - I still craft in my dining room and we all have to eat from our laps!!