Thursday, 12 February 2009

Funky felted handbag......

.......and matching scarf!

Well here I am again, this time with something completley different!

I have a story to tell about these see they started out as a cardigan....but do you think I could get the pattern I tried and tried and tried...and just could not get it right at all, I don't know if there was a mistake in the pattern or not, but I just got so fed up trying that I gave up with it! And, to be honest, if I did succeed in getting it right, I probably would've hated the darned thing anyway!

So having spent so much on the wool I decided I was going to use it for something, and came up with theses rather funky pieces.

Anyway, the handbag is knitted, and then felted, now felting is really everything you've been told NOT to do with pure wool!! I.E.....washed in as hot a wash as possible...this 'mats' the piece as well as shrinking it, and to be quite honest with you, I was quite surprised with the end result as this is my first attempt.

The scarf is I'm not much of a crochet person as I've just kind of taught myself the basics, but I do love this scarf, it has a very retro feel and takes me back to the days of Tom Baker and Dr Who!!! Now I really do feel old!

Thanks for looking in

Jackie x

Right, I've altered the handbag slightly as I didn't like those naff little tassles on the handles, so I just crocheted a couple of flowers and stitched them on instead, I think it looks much better now and I might even decide to use this one....

thanks for looking in

Jackie x

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Hazel said...

This is really gorgeous, I have been dying to try felting something I have knitted- shame I never finish what I start lol. This might get me knitting again :) Love the crochet scarf too, tres chic!