Sunday, 22 February 2009

A Gift for Glenda

This is the reason that I haven't been 'around' much lately. I've been so busy working on this, it is my first attempt at something this involved, and hindsight let me know now how do somethings slightly differently!

I used those gorgeous backing papers which I received with my Graphicus Guild pack, and also used my Elusive Images stamps to try and match up. I had loads of fun making this piece, mainly because the challenge of trying to match what stamps I had to the papers.

It was quite a simple idea, untill I decided on the stamping, then it turned into a labour of love, I'm quite pleased with it, and if I do make another one, there are certain things I would do the fact that I have a calendar stamp in my collection!!!

Sadly my photography does NOT do this project any justice at sucks!!....sooooo for a better look please visit Glenda's Blog....

Glenda is a much better photographer than I am don't you think!

We had a lovely day out yesterday, and had a real hoot with Adrian, spent most of the afternoon chatting to him about music!....told loads of funny 'wild party' stories...and also the antics of some very 'overgrown teenagers'....was a real giggle, I didn't really want to take too much of Glenda's time away, because she was busy with the scrapbook crop, but when I did manage to 'accost' the poor woman, we had a good laugh, and I learned lots!! So left there feeling good, and my mind is now 'replenished with new ideas'

So a HUGE big Thank You to Glenda and Adrian for putting up with us at such short notice and taking the time out for us.

Thank you for letting me share my lovely day out with you, sadly because everything was a tad hectic I forgot to take some pictures! What am I like!

Jackie x

Thanks for looking,


artylicious said...

hi Jackie

thanks for the wonderful calendar and you're welcome any time for a cup of tea and a chat. Hope to see you again soon!

Glenda & Adrian

Rosietoes said...

Hi Jackie,
I left a comment on the Artylicious blog about your calendar but now that I've found your blog I can only say Wow! and Wow! again.
Fabulous piece of work - a real labour of love. TFS. Edna x

Jacqueline said...

Thanks Edna, I must admit, the calendar in itself wasn't difficult, just very time consuming and one of the biggest projects I've undertaken to date, but I did so enjoy it.

Thanks again for the lovley comments,

Jackie x