Friday, 27 February 2009

Ribbon spool 'book-in-a-box'....

I made this little spoolie book with Joanna Sheen's Floral Fantasy cd rom.

I printed off some toppers and backing papers then set about puting things together.

I made the box by drawing round (onto stiff card) one of those spools that ribbon comes on, the 'sides' of the box are actually made with an empty cellotape roll, and the pages are made by drawing round the lid of those screw together stackable containers (the big fat ones, which I use to store chunky beads and squillions of jump rings!).

Here's what I mean

I just then decorated the pages with some of those gorgeous toppers which were cut out to fit, then decorated the flipside of the pages with the same backing papers and some matching embellishments.

Here's a close up view of one of the pages...

It's turned out really sweet and I must admit to having loads of fun seeing this come together as this was my first attempt at one of these.

I must apologise for the pictures though, for some reason my camera thought that it was bright enough indoors and therefor wouldn't fire the flash! Hmmph!
Still you get the jist of what I've done.

Thanks for looking in,

Jackie x


Rosietoes said...

This is really sweet Jackie. Love the originality of it. :)

Jacqueline said...

Well I wish I could take the credit for the idea, but sadly I can't.

I got the idea from a little book I bought from Joanna Sheen, called 'Get Round with Heartwarming Vintage'. I just adapapted the idea to suit my needs. I've just noticed that I forgot to mention it the post, so really must change it.

Thank you for the lovely comments though, but sadly ideas are a bit hard to come by at the moment,I really must give my brain a clear out!! lol...

Thanks again

Jackie x