Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Wednesday again!! Sheesh! Where did the week go? .... Many Thanks to those of you who dropped by and left comments last week and sincere apologies for not being able to visit as may of you as I'd liked to have done.

This picture was taken last night before I stopped for the night hence the horrible lighting. In 'mid-flow' on a little 'junk journal' ( an old high school diary belonging to my son) here so you can see the 'stuff' I was using for that page. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR A LOOK A couple of tins of Inktense pencils, some pens glue and other bits and pieces. Got a box of Acrylic Inks sitting on top of that Thesaurus draped in the lovely white wires of my headphones for my phone!! Behind that is a set of stacking boxes which contain alcohol inks and all the accoutriments, next to that is a humungus ginormous tub of gesso along with Gloss medium, matt medium glue and a pencil sharepener! That big canvas stow-it-all /organiser (yeah right) is in a serious need of some clearing out (like whenever)! lol

So there you have it....What's On my Workdesk today....if you are wondering what all this is about then please pop over to Julia's and have a wee looksee. There you have can have a look at what the world has on their desks!

Take care and thanks for dropping by

Jackie x


Diana Taylor said...

You've got a wonderfully packed and busy desk there - I'd love a nose through it! Thanks so much for stopping by my desk, and I hope you have a great week.

Uniflame said...

I would have loved to see a close up picture from your junk journal! The colors look nice! Uniflame - 85

voodoo vixen said...

That looks like a nice cosy spot to sit and play in, or journal!! :) Annette #7

Anonymous said...

It's nice to get that "you are there" feeling from the desk pictures -- one literally feels as if we've pulled up a chair to hang out with you. :) Your journal looks great. Happy WOYWW from Laura #98

Krisha said...

Would love to see some pics of your junk journal too. Busy workd desks are the best!!
Krisha #5

pearshapedcrafting said...

You do look organised, looks like a great place to work! Thanks for visiting, Chris 96

Debs said...

mmmm lots of lovely stuff to play with :-)

Monique said...

That looks like a fun desk to play on. Love to see more of your junk journal.
Happy late WOYWW
xx Monique #106

Karen Ives said...

That all looks exciting in the spooky half light!
Thank you for visiting
Karen #63

KatzElbows said...

Great desk. It looks as if you've just paused to take the photo and then gotten right back to it. Lovely.

Thank out or visiting and a very happy belated WOYWW.
Cheers, Rachel #69