Monday, 6 February 2012

Another Art Journal page !

Good morning all, just thought I'd show you what I've been working on last night! I had an awful day yesterday! It was terrible...very angry and frustrating and lots of arguing (no! NOT with the teenager) lol... so last night my lovely big buddy called and we sat for ages on the phone just talking! He really must have the patience of a saint to put up with all my worries woes and sometimes just inane drivel! But boy is he my 'saviour'!! I'd be lost without him and am totally privileged to have him as friend!

I am quite a 'solitary' person to be honest and don't really have a lot of friends, so I sometimes find it difficult to communicate  with people......starting an art journal was a good idea for me I think because it lets me really express how i feel sometimes, and as you have seen over the past few pages I've show sometimes that can be pretty dark, I also think it is a good therapy because I am really struggling to cope with my depression just now, which seems to have REALLY kicked in over the past month or so.

Anyway I digress...onto how it was 'constructed'!

I have 'discoverd' Gesso !!! And LOVE the stuff!! Soooo wish I'd invested in it sooner but hey ho....anyway...the backgrounds are quite 'messy' mainly because I had used that page to offload the spare paints from my 'pallette' .. ! So covered it up with white Gesso, then a couple of blobs (technical term that)! of yellow and red and then smooshed (another techy term)!! over the page with an old bank card! Dried with a heat gun, then another coat of Gesso, dried with a heat gun, then some blobs of copper metallic, which I then drew lines in with the bank card. Nice, but very dark and needed 'lightening' up a little so I covered the whole lot with a coat of white acrylic paint and because some of the copper was still wet it blended in, that'll do !! No more faffing around! Left the pages to dry and was pleasantly surprised with the texture, lots of wrinkles, lines and page buckling, so I decided to give the pages a run over with some rough sand paper and it brought the base colours through! LOVE IT!!

I decided seeing as I was brave enough to start the journal I might as well try and be brave enough to try some drawing!!! I really don't like drawing because I am terrible at it but I gave it a go anyway...I drew and painted the girls face all by myself :D Now I am by no means an artist and it isn't really supposed to be a portrait...just something that was in my head when I took pencil to paper...anyway she's not too bad looking...The big red telephone is a Google image, I just drew round it with a black rollerball pen to emphasise it a little!

The Notebook page is a journaling stamp from The Artistic Stamper as is the The Ink Blots Background Stamp, these were stamped using Walnut Stain Distress Ink! The rings are done using brown acrylic paint and the lid off my paint tubes!!

I really had fun with these pages and think I will continue on with this journal as my therapy!! lol..

Thanks for looking in,

Take care everyone

Jackie x

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Rainbow Lady said...

First of all there are no mistakes in journaling... you mentioned them in another posting. I think your works of art are just that.. your works of art... I love them all. I am just getting into journaling myself, check out Dyan Reaveley for some great hints and tips. I managed to get some spray Gesso whilst overseas.. wonderful stuff but you can't get it here lol. Keep going you are doing a grand job Love Cynthia x you can see a couple of my efforts on my blog xx