Thursday, 9 February 2012

Freebie Stamp!

Evening all, just a quickie post tonight, hopefully lol.... If anyone bought the Craft Stamper mag they should recognise the little Castles stamp! I was reading the magazine last night in bed and ended up having dreams about castles....I have looked up the meaning and it's pretty accurate for what's going on in my life just now!'s the journal pages I came up with...

 .... sadly it's not the best of photos and those castles look like they are in mid air but they are supposed to be sitting on clouds...the photo doesn't show it very well though...The idea looked good in my head and it didn't quite work the way I wanted it to but I do like the end result so I'll leave it as is !! :D

These pages are in my NEW journal and as I said in an earlier post this one will be used for my good work lol...the big old green one will be used ONLY for me and a 'therapy' session for when I need to to 'vent' so Julia, I hope that answers your question!!!

Right, I'm off for now. Got a letter from college today telling me I have to go for an interview about a place on an Art course so I need to start getting my portfolio finished off!

Thanks for dropping by

Take care

Jackie x

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