Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Can't believe it's Wednesday already! First of all I would like to welcome some new followers - Thank You for taking the time out to read about my rather hectic journey in life!

Secondly many apologies for not making round everyone's desks last week, there were just too many and i simply ran out of hours ... *sighs*.... it's not going to be much better this week either, My son is 18 on Friday and I have 'things' to organise.... muhahahah ... !

Anyway, if you are wondering if I've lost the plot by showing you my my creative space then pop over to JULIA'S PLACE to see what it's all about! you'll love it!!

My desk this week has been caught in a mid mini tidy up! I had just finished that Collage canvas  - see HERE for a better look if you are interested..... so I was tidying away the paints and 'stuff' when I remembered what day it was!! So I just took that photo while I was at it!

I am going to take a couple of days off from crafting because I NEED to do the dreaded h*******k !! My place looks like a small thermo-nuclear device has exploded in it! It would be a whole lot easier if I could get rid of this 'stuff' I'm storing for my soon-to-be-ex-husband though...*sighs* ... I have the hairdressers tomorrow, and an appointment of Friday....then off out with the teenager on Friday night for his birthday (did i mention that already?) lol..... he didn't want a 'big do' because he would like  the money I would have spent on that put towards his provisional driving licence.... and who said teenagers were selfish.... I thought that was a pretty sensible idea and one i am more than willing to go along with! His mates will probably all take him out 'clubbing' for a night to celebrate it's just basically going to be a night in the pub with me and 'him'  (ID card arriving on time permitting)!... lol... (poor kid doesn't know what he's in for)!!!lol..

Right, I'm off ! Got loads to do an not enough time to do it in...

Take care and Happy WOYWW

Jackie x


VonnyK said...

Love your collage canvas, had the closer look and so much work in it. Happy birthday to your boy, I have two that are 21 this year, eek.
It's a shame the dreaded 'h' word comes around so often, wish you could push a button and it would do itself.
Have a great time with your wonderful son.
Von #28

BJ said...

Canvas looks super and enjoy your son's 18th - BJ#47

Anonymous said...

Lovely canvas and happy birthday to your son.


Zoe #57

Hazel said...

The collage canvas is great (wish I could do things like that - I've tried, but am hopeless!). Thanks for sharing your workspace with us. Hope you have a good week. Hazel WOYWW #87 x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Housework??? No, surely not - once there's a layer of dust you don't notice any more :D
Happy 18th to your boy - he sounds a good lad. Just remember not to drink him under the table!!!
And I love your canvas - so detailed, you clever thing!
Hugs, LLJ #72 xx

May said...

O my word... What a fabulous canvas... I love it!!!! Happy Birthday to your son... Hugs May x x x#2

Sandy said...

Love the canvas. Happy 18th birthday to your son enjoy your night out. Sandy:)

Miriam said...

Fabulous canvas. Thanks for sharing.

mark gould said...

happy late woyww, thanks for stopping by, that canvas is fab. love the textures on there.
thanks for the interest in the red piece, ill post it when its finished. waiting for a new vagabond as mine went bang lol

SophieNewton said...

Lots going on there, sorry I'm a bit late, thanks for sharing x
Sophie no.92

Joynana said...

Hi Jackie, loved your ATC and the fab shoes. You canvas is fabulous. He will only turn 18 once. Help him to enjoy it. #14

KatzElbows said...

WOYWW is so great, isn't it. I mean we get to visit people and be inspired and uplifted. And meet people who understand what it's like when a small thermo-nuclear device has explodes in your home. Thank you for making me feel normal!

cheers, rachel #19

peggy aplSEEDS said...

happy WOYWW! i loved the close up view of your desk (i'm wondering what the storage in the corner holds). great canvas! i've given up on apologizing for not visiting everyone in WOYWW. i wouldn't get any crafting done if i did. but this weekend i'm doing my best!
hugs, #15 peggy aplSEEDS

scrappymo! said...

Hope your lad had a happy birthday and got his license...your canvas looks amazing!

Julia Dunnit said...

Well, the day is over, as its sunday, i hope your boy had a fab day, sepcially in view ofyour evillaughprompting plans!!
Your canvas is just fab,oumust be thrilledtobits, the previous post is great.

Jaki Morris said...

Hello to a fellow Jacqueline and, according to your profile, approaching 50 too? Must have been something about 1962?

I'm visiting on Sunday as I have a tiny bit of me time whilst the chicken is roasting.

Jakix #103

Eliza said...

Great Canvas you have created and as for having time to get around to everyone, well some weeks it happens and some it dont. Oh my a child turning 18 that will be me in January and she is the baby of the family, my oldest is 26 next week. Haven't even thought about partys, driving anything really, just her studies.

Thanks for sharing and happy crafting this week.

Eliza #163