Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Art Journaling !!

Just trying out some Art Journaling, it's not something I have done a lot of so please excuse any mistakes.

One thing I HAVE learned though...DON'T do any if you are in a bad mood....it can lead to some very dark and depressing images!! :(

Or maybe DO if you are into the 'intuitive art', It can be good therapy in a way.

As you can see I WASN'T in the best of moods when doing this piece, but I am quite surprised with the way it's turned out really, wasn't sure what to expect at all when I saw all those images I had printed out ... lol..

Just some Black and White "chains" images from Google, cut out out and coloured using some Distress inks, The background are actually just 'spare' paint from a palette that I had been working with on another project, as I'm pretty constantly skint I didn't want to waste it so just brushed it randomly over the two pages to use it up. Burnt Umber, Copper Metallic a little black and a little white, some spray inks and  a "Chicken wire" Background stamp!

All very dark and dingy !! I must admit to REALLY liking this intuitive art stuff though....wonder what I could come up with if I'm in a good mood !! lol !!

Anyway, Thanks for dropping by,

Take care

Jackie x

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Hels Sheridan said...

I am a firm believer that there can't be any mistakes in journalling... cos it comes from inside... I am rubbish at it... I spend too much time faffing and then end up with soggy pages lol... love the dark side of this lo though x