Monday, 30 April 2012

Sunday Stameprs week 203 "RED" !

Over on Hel's Blog The theme this week for the Sunday Challenge is " Red" !!

Now you'd NEVER guess I was watching a horror movie last night would you lol!... Yep! I'm one of those blood thirsty people who just loves to curl up with a fantastically gory horror anything to do with Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies or just general loss of lots of limbs and blood!! lol...So I couldn't resist doing this journal spread! It was the first thing that popped into my mind when I read what the theme was!

Anyway.... I was all 'girlied' out after finishing off that Tim Holtz Print Tray so just felt like a wee change!

firstly I gessso'd the pages with an old bank card, dried it off, spread red acrylic with an old bank card, dried it off, then spread black acrylic with an old bank card and dried that off! When it was dry I made up some runny red paint and flicked it onto the pages to give a decent 'bloodsplatter'! cool huh?!! lol .

Put it aside to dry while I worked on the  letters, which are in fact plastic templates, I drew round them but added drips of 'blood' along the bottom of the letters. Coloured them with red promarker , cut them out and then stuck them down and added some little black crosses.

The Vampire lips are drawn by me, (badly) but I used Google for decent EASY images to try and copy! (I'm terrible at drawing) lol!

All in all a suitably gory and atmospheric double page spread! And trust me, those reds are MUCH more vibrant than in the photo, the flash form my camera has washed it out slightly!

I REALLY enjoyed this spread! It's just so... well ... ME !!

Take care and thanks for dropping by

Jackie x


Rita said...

Jackie, your are so bloodthirsty xx. Yuk, I am the opposite from you, I hate gory. But I will give you credit on such a great AJ page, the lips are fantastic. Hugs Rita xxx

Hels Sheridan said...

yikes! Anything with a vaguely scary theme and I am running for the hills... I never watch horror films - am too much of a ninny lol LOVE your layout page though... very gory! Thanks for joining in with the Sunday Stamper x

Redanne said...

I really love horror films, the scarier the better for me! Love your journal pages especially the blood thirsty lips, you did a good job on those. Anne x

Elaine said...

Well this is a bit scary!! But it is red, you've created lots of dripping blood and you look like you really enjoyed yourself!

Rita said...

Jackie, can you e-mail me. I want to know where you got your journal. Hugs Rita xx