Saturday, 26 May 2012

Murphy's Law at it's best! !

Well, here's a double page spread that I did for a blog challenge and to be honest I am not really very happy with it!

I think it was a case of just trying too hard, I wasn't happy with what I'd done so lost my temper with myself, covered it up with white paint which lifted the colours underneath and mixed with the white paint! So I just walked off in the huff!! I think we have all had thjose "god, I'm just no good at this moments"!! I left things alone for a couple of days and just concentrated on doing other stuff!

When I'd gotten myself into a better frame of mind I went back to it! I just worked on what was there and improvised! It turned out not too bad considering, Not really too happy with the lettering but that will come through practice!

I wasn't sure whether or not to blog this but felt it was important to show the process of creating and some of the 'common' difficulties that can occur at times!

I guess I just wasn't in the right frame of mind when I did this piece! So lets just say it was a good 'warm up' excercise!! lol

Thanks for dropping by,

Take care and have a lovely saturday in the sun!

Jackie x


Rita said...

Hi Jackie. I do love the colours of your pages to-day, but I think it says a lot about you, instead of giving up on it ,you have went back and gave it a second go. If I am honest I have been there lots of times too. Good for you girl. Enjoy some sunshine to-day. Hugs Rita xxx

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

I know exactly what you mean Jackie but I think your background is awesome and I love the colours.

Wendy -x-

rosie said...

Well, I'm sorry you're not happy with it, but I think it's gorgeous, you know sometimes we are too hard on ourselves, and don't see what other people see. x

beachie said...

Love all your pages Jackie, full of imagination and colour.