Monday, 17 October 2011

" C " is for........

Cheeky Teenager!! lol...

I bought this giant papier mache letter C aaages ago! It's my son's first name initial!

I have been planning on doing sopmething with it for a long time but only got as far as painting it!

Anyway! I used Blonde Moment Suet Black Acrylic paint to paint the whole letter. Set it aside to dry while I printed off some images!
I printed off some logos of his favourite band as well as some photos he had taken during a "meet and greet" with them!

I used the logos as a backing paper and stuck them down using pva glue. I then cut out the 'bodies' in the photos and stuck them down on top of the backing papers. Left it all to dry them 'varnished' it with pva glue!

Not my most favourite of craft pieces but needless to say my "cheeky Teenager" loves it!!

Thanks for looking in,

Take care

Jackie x

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