Thursday, 20 October 2011

Strange doodles!?

I'll say! Think my pen was possessed!

I was just mucking about with a Biro and a note pad! I have NO IDEA where it came from and what it's all about but I think it's a bit different!

I may just try and do some more of these things but on 'coloured' long as it doesn't involve drawing anything 'lifey'!! lol

I'm nearly all packed and ready for my weekend, just got a couple of bits and pieces to do then an early night for me I think. Got a reeeally long day....I can think of better ways to spend a Friday rather than eight or so hours on a bus! *sighs*  Not to worry because it WILL be worth it! :D

Take care and have a great weekend whatever your plans,

Jackie x

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butlersabroad said...

Wow those are amazing doodles!!

Brenda 86