Thursday, 27 October 2011

A Screw loose??......

Toolbox trash + Tabletop scraps + spare configurations boxes = ....

These were the boxes left over from my print tray project! Now please excuse the quality of the photo but this piece was a bit difficult to capture!

First of all I found what way I wanted the boxes, stuck them all together and then covered them with torn, crinkled and creased white tissue paper! I painted over the whole thing with Black Metallic acrylic paint and then set aside to dry,

The boxes and contents -

Small top box - A UTEE piece and a bit difficult to see the 'contents' - An alan key which is alcohol inked, screws, nails, a safety pin, a paper clip and a little odd shaped wire connector thingie!

Second row left to right -

small box is a simple piece, just a bamboo domino alcohol inked and using a promarker blender pen for the writing!

Large box - background of wire wool! A couple of big nuts and bolts and some off cuts of copper pipe which I alcohol inked!

Bottom row left to right -
The 'copper' box was actually a UTEE'd piece I did at the workshop last week and make a complete pig's ear out of lol, so I left it out of the print tray and decided I'd do something with it when I got home, I alcohol inked up some 160gsm paper with terracotta and gold ink leaving a little bit of white which I then distressed using Forest Moss Distress ink! ( it gave a very cool 'rusty' look which I was after)! I then over stamped using the Artistic Stamper's Tick Tock flowers stamps! I stamped two big flowers, one small one and a leaf which I then made into a 'rose'?!

Tall vertical box -
Is supposed to be 'Mecano pieces lol They are off cuts of grey board really, I just drew round and ice lolly stick, painted them silver, alcohol inked them and then punched holes, I 'screwed' the pieces together to form the letter " A " using brads! Turned out rather cool I think lol!

Small vertical box

Is another UTEE'd piece this time it contains a 'keyhole' bracket which was alcohol inked, and old key and a couple of screws.

Oh ! and the pendant thingie hanging from the space is an old broken key fob which I just obliterated the cutesy image with yet more alcohol ink!

I just added some spare screws a couple of paper clips and that beaded wire thingie was actually wrapped round a candle!

A piece that's NOT to everyone's taste I'll admit but I kinda like it, I has a bit of recycled industrial feel to it! And it's also just a wee bit of fun!

Thanks for looking in

Take care

Jackie x

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Shoshi said...

Jackie, this is soooo cooooool!!! I just love this steampunk, grungey stuff. I've been doing some myself recently, which you can see if you hop over to my blog. I've made a lot of moulds of gear wheels, screw and bolt heads and other bits of hardware and made up loads in friendly plastic. It was the best fun I'd had in ages!! (I am NOT into cutesy!!)