Sunday, 23 October 2011

Workshop project! (unfinished)

Well what can I say!! I had a fantastic weekend! Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop yesterday! Learned sooooo many new things, techniques met some wonderful people and just generally had an absolute hoot!

Sadly I didn't get my project finished but I didn't expect to really, because there were a lot of techniques that were very 'involved' which I hadn't done before, but I DID have so much fun learning how to do them PROPERLY! lol

Jenny was absolutely wonderful, put me right as ease and told me to stop panicking! lol....I did struggle with the UTEE porcelain flowers but as I have a metlpot anyway I'm sure I can try again and get them right this time! I must admit though, I just LOVED the gold leafing!! That little lizzard is so adorable! I would never have thought that a little toy rubber lizzard would look so cool! :D Isn't he just sweet! Think I'll call him " Lemmy " !!

I am glad I did this workshop because I was really swithering as whether I should or not because of finances, but I'm glad I finally made up my mind to be 'selfish' for once because it has helped me make up my mind in which direction I want my crafting to go! It was also a bit of a confidence booster as well, because the lovely ladies ALL helped and made me realise that I'm not quite as bad as I thought I was at this crafting malarkey after all!

Here is a photo of what I managed to get done on Saturday, now bear in mind it's NOT finished and no doubt I will probably play around a bit with the layout and add in some extra bits and pieces using the techniques I've learned over the weekend lol....I also want to add some wording to that big empty

A MASSIVE big THANK YOU to Jenny and the ladies ( my brain has gone AWOL and I can't think of their names at the moment :o) and everyone at Pickleberry Papercrafts for being such lovely people and making my day very special indeed! :D

So I am now going to have a loooooong hooooooot soak in the bath and rest up! I'm aching lots after a long bus journey from London to Glasgow :(

Thank you for looking in,

Take care

Jackie x

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