Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Art portfolio cover finally finished!

YAY! I have FINALLY finished the covers for my art portfolio!! Soooo pleased to get it all done ! Not really sure if I'm pleased with it or not now because as this is my first attempt there are several things I should have and could have done differently! Still , it's turned out not too bad and I DID enjoy playing around with some new techniques and thought it was a great way to practice!

So without further ado....here's the FRONT cover... (click on the photos to enlarge)

INSIDE FRONT cover....

INSIDE BACK cover...

and the BACK cover..

Now it's not brilliant but it WAS my first attempt at something so big (A3) size and I did enjoy just letting my mind 'wander'!

Nothing majorly difficult in the way it was put together really, just painted some grey board with cheap white acrylic paint and then decorated the backgrounds with a mixture of Glimmer Mist spray inks, Alcohol Inks, Distress Inks, some stamping and Die cuts! Lots and lots of different 'layers' colours, techniques and textures as well.

I will keep the pages loose until I get called up for an interview, because I would like to keep adding as much as I can to it, I don't want to put it all together just now only to take it apart again to add something else....

Thanks for looking in,

Take care

Jackie x

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Rita said...

How Fabulous jackie. The amount of work that has gone into it must have taken ages. You must be so proud of this achievement. Hugs Rita xxxx