Wednesday, 30 November 2011


** feels forehead to check for a fever ** !! ..... lol

Yep!! I've had a 'mild' tidy up!! I needed to really because it was getting beyond a joke! That 'stuff' you see on my desk is just a 'worksheet' !! It's actually the instructions on how to fit all those kitchen units together! But because it's shiny I tend to use it for my 'blending'!! The next tidy up task will be that box in the background! It's stuffed full of...well... stuff!! lol.............

Now....I've had a fair few comments on the black thing in the corner holding my scissors......I call it my 'lazy Susan' but that's only because I just can't remember the name of the dang thing! I've had it for absolute yonks! I can't even remember where I bought it from .... It is a handy beastie though, it rotates which gives you access to all those little plastic tubs, which holds anything you would like to put in them....I use it for gems, buttons...etc...blah blah blah!! So for those of you who were asking I do apologise on not being of more help!

Why don't you all pop over to  Julia's Stamping Ground and have a wee nosey around other people's craft spaces and join in the fun!

I have a busy day ahead so posting this at silly o'clock in the morning. I have a few appointments to attend today one of them being the hairdressers! :) Nothing like a nice hairdo to make you feel a bit better.

So take care everyone and Happy WOYWW

Jackie x


Shoshi said...

Hi Jackie, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I'm definitely hoping for better things this week health-wise, although I'm still coughing and haven't got all my voice back, and still feeling wiped out.

Your desk looks very tidy. I love your work sheet. Gorgeous colours. You could use it in a project. (Motto: Never Throw Anything Away!!!) So I wasn't the only one to admire and be curious about your whirly gig black thing? Thought you were going to tell us where to dash out and buy one!! Ah well.

Glad you like my yarn projects! Only alterations, but hints of greater things to come. I may even resurrect a couple of half-finished knitting projects lurking on my shelves in my ARTHaven... If you can crochet a granny square, you can crochet anything. Give it a whirl, it's great, and addictive! It's also a lot more portable than knitting. I'm really keen to get going on the freeform crochet which looks really easy, and so creative and fun! Why not give it a try?

Happy WOYWW, Shoshi #62

Laura said...

What a great desk you have lots of great stash, the black thingy looks so practical. Have a great Wednesday. Laura

jude said...

Love the tidy neat creative desk ready to be made thanks for sharing
Have fab wednesday and creative festive week ahead!
hugs judex 9

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I'd never noticed your magic roundabout/ lazy susan beads holder thingy, but it is a great bit of kit. Bet you've got loads of stuff stashed away in those little pots!
Are you having anything daring done at the hairdresser's today?? Any purple involved, lol!
Hugs, LLJ #40 xx

Sunshine Girl said...

Oooh I have had my hair done today - totally different look too! Love the nice tidy desk bet you cant wait to start messing it up again! Thanks for sharing. Sunshine Girl – No 4

Jacqui said...

Great desk

butlersabroad said...

Obviously that tidy up has affected your brain power/memory! Best not do it again, lol!

Brenda 78

Susan Flynn said...

Very tidy workweek today are there plans underfoot to mess it up a bit???

My name is Cindy said...

Oh I'm sure it won't stay like that for long. Boxes of 'stuff'? Yep, got a few of those on the go myself, it's amazing how much gets in there!! Happy WOYWW Cindy#71

Shoshi said...

Oh Jackie, what a star!! Thanks! I'll follow up that link. Trouble is, if I do get one of those carousel thingies, I don't know where I'm going to put it!! I'm rapidly running out of space in my ARTHaven... Hope you're having a happy WOYWW. Shoshi #62

Neil said...

Hi there and thanks for the peek into your creative zone. It looks ready and waiting for craft to happen. Hope you have a brilliant week and have plenty of creative time!
Neil #23

Julia Dunnit said...

Ooh Jackie, am late, so have been the tree dec in the post before this. The black thingy may have come from a staples - I've seen them in DIY too. Hope your slight fever passes quickly, your tidied desk is like a good example that I don't want!!